Worker's Comp Professionals

The Grossman Burn Center specializes in work place burn injuries. According to the Nat'l Burn Repository, 20% of our Los Angeles facility's in-patient population has been injured in the work place - 41% of the outpatient injuries we treat are from work place injuries. For burn injuries involving the face, hands, feet, a major joint, perineum, genitalia or are 10% of the total body surface area, 3rd degree burn or are a chemical, electrical, circumferential burn call 24/7 for a nurse evaluation or bring them directly to the West Hills Hospital Emergency Room.

The most frequent causes of work place burn injuries we treat are Flame, Scald (hot liquid & tar) and Contact. The top industries from which we receive patients are Utilities, Electrical Contracting, Food & Beverage and workers in the maintenance field.

Over the past 40+ years of experience in innovative burn care, we have built strong relationships with Work Comp claims management. It is our priority to offer education to worker's compensation and risk management professionals on burn injury, treatment and recovery. Our Work Comp Coordinator facilitates communication with our clinical staff and makes sure information is shared in a timely and effective manner.

The Grossman Burn Center is committed to maximizing outcomes; allowing for a quicker return-to-work with as close to pre-injury status as possible.

Don't Get Burned Twice!

When an employee is burned on the job, everyone is affected. Minimize the risk of lost productivity, permanent disability and costly legal complications by seeing that burn injuries receive prompt attention at West Hills Hospital's Grossman Burn Center.

Interested in a Burn Safety presentation or would like a copy of our Burn-Safety in your Work-Place flyer or Restaurant Burn Awareness poster? Call (818) 676-4736.