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Minimally Invasive Gallbladder Removal

A New, Better Surgical Approach: Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery

Single-Site Gallbladder Surgery: A Significant Advancement in Minimally Invasive Surgery

One of the more significant advancements in gallbladder removal is the Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site procedure, a surgical approach that only requires one small incision in the belly button and is performed nationwide by select, trained surgeons. West Hills Hospital is the only hospital in the West Valley offering this unique approach. We are a Five-Star Recipient for Gallbladder Removal Surgery for three years in a row based on Healthgrades' independent analysis.

Benefits of Single-Site Surgery

Beyond the less visible scarring, Single-Site surgery may improve upon the already-exciting benefits of traditional laparoscopic surgery (e.g., faster recovery time), as each surgical incision comes with its own risks of bleeding, infection, pain, and scarring. Minimizing the number of incisions (from as many as four down to one) minimizes these risks.

Comparison of Cholescystectomy Incisions

Image Courtesy of Olympus America Inc.

  • Traditional Laparoscopy – Three 8mm incisions and one 14mm incision
  • Single-Site Surgery – One 15mm incision
Reduction of Invasiveness

Image Courtesy of Olympus America Inc.

  • Open Surgery – One large incision
  • Laparoscopy – Three to five small incisions
  • Single-Site Surgery – One small incision

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