Cooking Safety

  • Keep kids away from stoves, barbecues, ovens, and other cooking areas, indoors or out.
  • Outside grills can cause as many as 6,000 fires and 170 injuries per year.

Fireworks Safety

  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals and celebrate safely.
  • Fireworks and the fires they cause injure more than 10,000 Americans every year.

Gas Grill Safety

  • Perform routine grill maintenance to prevent clogs and leaks.
  • Gas grills can cause as many as 2,700 fires and 80 injuries per year.

Camping Safety

  • Never add flammable liquid to a fire that’s already going.
  • If you build a fire, build it in a designated fire pit.
  • Put out any fires or barbecues with water, not just sand.

General Summer Safety Tips

  • Apply sunscreen and seek shade during the day to prevent sunburn
  • Wear shoes when you walk on pavement or blacktop, which can heat up quickly

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