The Diagnostic Radiology Department at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center provides state-of-the-art imaging in all six imaging applications. Services include conventional radiography and fluoroscopy as well as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), spiral CT scan and high-resolution ultrasound. Round-the-clock access is available for all emergency situations. The American College of Radiology (ACR) has accredited West Hills Hospital in six imaging methods.

The recently constructed interventional radiology suite offers high-quality imaging for a variety of X-ray guided procedures including angiography, specialized catheter placements and many other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Nuclear Medicine

The department also offers Nuclear Medicine services including tomographic capabilities, Monoclonal Antibody Imaging and diagnostic plus therapeutical procedures.

We also offer a Miraluma Scan, which is a nuclear medicine scan of the breast. This test is used as a decision-making tool for patients who have questionable findings on other imaging methods. With the Miraluma Scan, a radioisotope is injected in the foot and travels through the system to the breast, where it can detect any cancer cells that may not be detectable by other means.


Radiotherapy is used alone or with surgery or chemotherapy in the curative treatment of cancers of almost all sites within the body. Many techniques have evolved or are evolving in order to allow delivery of higher doses of ionizing radiation to the cancer cells and limited doses to normal tissues, thus yielding higher cure rates and lower side effects.

Radiation oncologists at West Hills Hospital and Medical Center provide specialized radiation oncology services, hyperthermia and implant expertise for all cancer cites including prostate, breast, gastrointestinal and lung cancers. They also offer external beam radiation and brachytherapy, which delivers radiation through implants. In addition, these specialists are active in many research protocols affiliated with UCLA.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Our CT service is state-of-the-art, providing spiral imaging and 3D reconstruction. We specialize in completing work-ups for cancer, outpatient biopsies, renal tract stones (without intravenous contrast), appendicitis and radiation therapy planning.