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Arthritis Program

Our mission is to restore optimal function, alleviate pain and discomfort, and maintain the patient's condition at the highest functional level by administering quality treatments and providing resources which will fulfill the individual needs of each patient, the hospital and the community.

Ancillary personnel and services available as needed, such as pharmacists, dieticians social services, diagnostics and laboratory services.

This program provides:

  • Full service hand clinic including custom splinting
  • Private treatment rooms and complete rehabilitation gymnasium
  • Hydrotherapy area
  • All available treatment methods for pain management and muscle re-education
  • Activities of daily living areas and self-help equipment
  • Provide resources and training for recommended assistive devices and exercise aids for home program
  • Complete education/assessment by all relevant disciplines
  • Individually designed program of pain management, therapeutic exercise, functional activities, splinting if needed, stress management and referral to local group activities
  • Patient and family education regarding living with arthritis, body mechanics, joint protection, energy conservation, adaptive equipment and home exercises
  • Information on available community resources, i.e., support groups, pool programs, exercise groups, arthritis foundation activities, and massage therapy
  • Follow-up by staff to ensure compliance and successful outcome