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Find out more about these and other health topics from your partner in employee wellness, West Hills Hospital & Medical Center.

The West Hills Hospital Speakers Bureau is pleased to provide businesses across the San Fernando Valley with expert speakers who can address a wide variety of healthcare topics.

We welcome speaker's requests from employers, health and human service organizations, schools, and professional associations.

Our medical professionals – doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors and others – welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge of important healthcare issues with the community. During question and answer sessions that usually follow presentations, your group members have a chance to query the experts personally.

If you would like to request a West Hills Hospital speaker, please contact the Marketing and Public Relations Department at (818) 676-4526.

Popular Topics

Work Well

Some simple ergonomic adjustments may make your work day a little easier. Your job, the equipment and technology in use, the work environment and your own abilities all contribute to productivity, performance and health. Our speaker can provide tips and self-help measures and show you ways to identify ergonomic problems and modify the human factors that contribute to a healthy workstation.

Cancer Support

Some people pass through our lives like never ending streams. Others stop and touch our hearts with warmth that never leaves. In order for us to continue to touch the hearts of others, nurture and provide strength to those we encounter, and those we love, we must take care of ourselves. Through education, proper nutrition and a positive approach to life, the hope for a better tomorrow lies within each of us. As you, or someone you know is living with cancer, let us help you find the strength and support you need.

Active for Life

Fight Back with Food

Many foodies are eating their way to good health. They are adapting “anti-inflammatory” dietary habits such as eating a variety of colorful fresh fruit and veggies, reducing consumption of meat opting instead for cold water fish and other food containing omega 3 fatty acids. The medical benefits are huge: reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, keeping existing cardiac problem in check, and soothing tender and stiff arthritic joints to name a few. We can show you how. Recipes will be provided.

Get Fit and Fabulous

When life seems to bolt out of control, one way to take back the reins is to get in the best health possible! You know you need to lose weight and exercise, but how? Let us show you successful alternatives to dieting. We will walk you through an inventive six-week training program where you will receive a personalized exercise plan and the tools to implement it.