West Hills Hospital
August 04, 2023

David Schreier, MD, general surgeon at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, has successfully performed his 1000th robotic surgery.

Robotic surgeries at West Hills Hospital are performed by specially trained surgeons. These surgeons use their medical expertise to guide robots that enhance the precision, stability and visualization of the procedure. The robots provide a clear and steady view of the surgical field, giving the surgeon more control during the operation. In addition, the robots allow for tiny, refined wrist-like movements that allow for better suturing.

With the assistance of these robots, West Hills Hospital’s surgeons are able to perform a wide variety of medical procedures — often with less pain, easier recovery and better outcomes for patients.  Robotics are often used to assist with colon, hernia, prostate, gynecologic, thoracic and cardiac surgeries.

“We are proud to offer robotic surgery as one of the several surgical modalities offered at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center,” said Saba Habis, president and CEO of West Hills Hospital. “It is an honor to be able to change so many lives for the better with technology that allows us to deliver outstanding results for patients, with far less discomfort and much quicker recovery.”