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Burn Awareness Week February 5-11

Scald Burns are the #1 cause of burns seen at the Grossman Burn Center

West Hills, CA January, 2012 - The first full week in February is Burn Awareness Week and, according to the American Burn Association, is designed to share a common theme for burn awareness and prevention. This year’s theme is SCALD burns. During Burn Awareness Week, The Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is providing hot liquid related burn information and prevention to the community. Come by the newly designed café at West Hills Hospital for your copy of scald awareness and prevention materials Monday – Friday from 11:30 – 2 pm and receive either a potholder or a child’s bath thermometer.

Scald burns, or hot liquid burns, are the #1 cause of burns that we see here at the Grossman Burn Center. 44% of all burns are from scalds. High-risk groups include infants, young children, older adults and people with disabilities, with an increased chance of hospitalization and complications due to scald burns. Tap water above 100⁰F, hot beverages, microwavable soups and grease can cause serious third degree burns in less than one second.

The Grossman Burn Centers recommend the following tips to help prevent scalds from food and beverages.

  • Supervise young children in the kitchen, cook on back burners and keep pot handles turned away from the stove edge.
  • During mealtime, place hot items in the center of the table.
  • Consider using mugs with tight-fitting lids, like those used for travel, for hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate.
  • Set your home water heater thermostats to 120º F.
  • Use non-slip placemats instead of tablecloths as the tablecloth can be pulled by toddlers or become tangled in crutches, walkers or wheelchairs, causing hot liquids to spill.

If you or your family member is burned:

  • COOL the burn with water. DO NOT apply ice, ointments, butter or greasy substances.
  • COVER the burn with a clean dry cloth or gauze to protect area AND leave blisters intact.
  • CONTACT a healthcare professional.

About Grossman Burn Centers:
Founded in 1969 by Dr. A. Richard Grossman, the Grossman Burn Center is the largest plastic surgery-based burn practice in the western United States. Headquartered in West Hills, CA, with facilities in Santa Ana, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Lafayette, LA, and Phoenix, AZ, the Grossman Burn Center is in the midst of a national expansion and has plans to open additional burn centers throughout the country. The Grossman Burn Center is renowned for its expertise in providing acute and reconstructive burn care, rehabilitation, and post-treatment emotional and psychological support. It has received global recognition for its treatment of some of the most difficult and high profile burn cases in the world. For more information:

About West Hills Hospital &amop; Medical Center:
West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is a full-service acute care facility located in West Hills, CA, in the western San Fernando Valley. The 225 bed facility recently completed a $60 million expansion that includes a new Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Outpatient Services, Cardiac Catheterization Labs, The Grossman Burn Center and facility renovations. West Hills Hospital was the first Accredited Chest Pain Center in Los Angeles County, and also recently received a Certificate of Distinction as a Primary Stroke Center from the Joint Commission. Additionally, West Hills Hospital was awarded Center of Excellence status from Medicare for our Bariatric Surgery program. For more information:

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