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Surgical Weight Loss Test

Bariatric Patient Comprehensive Test

Please select only ONE correct answer, unless otherwise indicated. These questions test your knowledge of the presentation; they do not necessarily refer to your chosen procedure. Please read them carefully.

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  1. Criteria for eligibility for Bariatric surgery is based on:
  2. An obesity-related, co-morbid condition may include which of the following:
  3. To be eligible for Bypass surgery patients must be either 100 pounds overweight, or 75 pounds overweight with obesity-related co-morbidities.
  4. Surgical options include:
  5. To be eligible for surgery, patients must meet which of the following requirements:
  6. Gastric Bypass surgery is the “Gold Standard” of surgical procedures for morbid obesity due to its proven 50+ year history of success.
  7. Gastric Banding involves stapling the stomach to create a small pouch.
  8. One of the differences between Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy is that the remaining stomach is removed from the body in Gastric Bypass.
  9. Complications from Gastric Bypass surgery can include the following:
  10. Complications of Band surgery can include:
  11. Complications of Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery can include:
  12. Walking shortly after surgery is key to avoiding complications post-op
  13. Differences between a laparoscopic procedure versus an open procedure:
  14. If there is a problem with the port, the entire Band must be replaced.
  15. What is the pre-op nutrition plan for patients whose BMI is 40 or higher?
  16. Vigorous exercise (e.g., running, fast walking, use of weights) should begin:
  17. The nutrition progression for patients is:
  18. Medications must be crushed or taken in liquid form or dissolved under the tongue (sub-lingual) until the patient starts his/her new eating plan.
  19. Gastric Band patients lose weight:
  20. The post-op nutrition plan includes whey- or soy-based protein drinks and lasts:

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