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Surgical Weight Loss - Of Note...

Calculating Your Target Heart Rate

  1. 220 minus Your Current Age = Age Predicted Max Heart Rate (APMHR)
  2. APMHR x 0.80 = Upper Limit Target Heart Rate for Aerobic Exercise
  3. APMHR x 0.50 = Lower Limit Target Heart Rate for Aerobic Exercise
  4. Your Target Heart Range is from Lower Limit to Upper Limit
  5. Divide your rate by 6 for the number of beats for a 10 second count

When exercising, stay within the range for maximum benefit from aerobic exercise. Take your heart rate at your neck or on your wrist for 10 seconds to ensure you are not outside the range calculated in step 5, above.

Example for person aged 50 years:

  1. 220-50 = 170
  2. 170 x 0.80 = 136
  3. 170 x .050 = 85
  4. Target Heart Rate is 85 to 136
  5. 85/6 = 14 AND 136/6 = 23, so count between 14 and 23 to maximize aerobic exercise

Or let us calculate it for you on our Health Calculators page.

A Humorous Response when being offered inappropriate food choices:

Our patients often experience this situation, where a friend or family member will try to push a poor food choice on them. One of our patients suggested they respond: "No thanks. I'm allergic to that - I break out in fat!"

Sea Salt v Table Salt: Busting the Myth:

Essentially they have the same nutritional value. Sea salt is marketed as "healthier" because it involves less processing but that's not to say table salt is more dangerous. Some patients think they can eat more salt if they're using sea salt and that's a misconception. They are both made up of Sodium.

Your Nutrition Goals!

15g of carbs = 1 serving of carbs
3 g fat/serving = Lowfat food
3 g sodium/day (You can keep to this by not adding salt to foods)
25g fiber/day

Aerobic exercise: 5 days/week, 60 minutes/day


  • There are 9 calories in 1 g of fat
  • There are 7 calories in 1 g of alcohol
  • There are 4 calories in 1 g of protein
  • There are 4 calories in 1 g of carbs

Get Fit with the Med-Fit Program!

The Center for Rehabilitation and Fitness at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center has an excellent program designed specifically for patients who are unfamiliar with gym equipment and unsure where to start with a fitness regimen.

The Med-Fit program is a perfect fit! You will work with a licensed physical therapist who not only will design an exercise program specifically tailored to your needs, he will make sure you learn how to use equipment and how to exercise in a way that prevents injury!

This program is structured around six weekly meetings and the cost is only $125. The sixth meeting is typically slated with a Registered Dietitian but since our Bariatric patients meet regularly with one of our RDs, you can request a sixth meeting with the physical therapist.

Med-Fit is a wonderful way to start your journey down the road to good health. Please remember that you should not start this program until six weeks after your surgery.

Call (818) 676-4600!

Other Resources

For other related online weight loss surgery resources, please visit:

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