Surgical Weight Loss New Patient Requirements

For additional information, please call Marcy Meyer, Bariatric Coordinator, at 818-676-4141.

Surgical Weight Loss New Patient Requirements

We have five programmatic requirements for patients before they can be cleared for their chosen procedure.  For additional information, please call Marcy, our Program Coordinator, at (818) 676-4141.

Surgical Consultation

Our program follows National Institutes of Health (NIH) criteria for patient candidacy for Bariatric surgery.  Patients must be evaluated by one of our surgeons to ensure they not only qualify under NIH guidelines, but that they are healthy enough to undergo a surgical weight loss procedure.

Surgical Weight Loss Education

In order to participate in our program, we require our patients to be educated by us about our weight loss surgery procedures to gain an understanding about the journey on which they are about to embark so they can make an informed decision about which procedure is best for them..

There are two options for meeting this requirement:

Option #1

Meet one-on-one with our Bariatric Program Coordinator. This is the Program Coordinator’s preferred method as it will give you instant answers to questions you may have to the material presented.  Please contact the Program Coordinator if you would like to combine your meeting with Dietary with the Education requirement as they both take place at the Hospital.  Email Marcy Meyer

Option #2

Watch our Online Educational Presentation and then complete our Education Test.

Passing the Bariatric Patient Comprehensive Test with a minimum score of 75% is a requirement for patients who choose to view the Online Educational Presentation as the means of meeting the education requirement. It demonstrates the patient’s understanding of our Bariatric Program and the three procedures we perform.  PLEASE PRINT OUT THE TEST BEFORE CLICKING ON THE "EMAIL" BUTTON, IN CASE OF INTERNET FAILURE.  The Program Coordinator will contact you with your test results.  If have you not heard from the Coordinator, please call 818-676-4141.

Psychological Evaluation

Patients must be evaluated with one of the Center’s psychotherapists.  This Center Clinician ensures that patients are able to understand the journey on which they are about to embark and are capable of following our program.

Nutrition Assessment

Patients must meet with one of the Center’s Registered Dietitians at West Hills Hospital.  The Dietitian will evaluate patient eating habits and will review nutrition expectations, discuss the pre-op and post-op nutrition plans in detail and will provide the patient with materials that assist them in following our program.

Dietary Test

The Dietitian will provide a 20-question test to each patient that the patient should take home, review the materials provided, and then take the test.  Patients must pass with a minimum score of 75% (five incorrect answers).  This validates that the patient understands the nutrition requirements for our program.

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