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Grossman Burn Center

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24-Hour Inpatient: (818) 676-4177
Burn Clinic: (888) 676-2876

Since we first began in 1969, the Grossman Burn Center has earned a world-wide reputation as the innovative leader in burn treatment.

The many pioneering innovative techniques developed by founder Dr. A. Richard Grossman are now standard practice in the treatment of many burns. The Grossman Burn Center is further distinguished by the compassionate, nurturing, personalized and team-centered ways we provide treatment, which our experience has shown result in less patient discomfort and speedier recoveries with better results.

Grossman Burn Center

A burn injury can be a frightening experience. The skilled and highly trained medical staff of the world-renowned Grossman Burn Center is available to provide the very best care possible.

Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital

Grossman Burn Centers are plastic surgery-based medical centers of excellence specializing in the comprehensive treatment of burns - from acute care and reconstruction, to rehabilitation and psychological counseling.

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Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital

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