Cancer Care at West Hills

Cancer Care at West Hills

To find a doctor specializing in cancer care, an oncologist, or talk to a nurse about cancer and symptoms call our 24-hr Consult-A-Nurse® toll free line at 818-676-4321.

Cancer Care at West Hills

Why choose West Hills Hospital for your course of treatment for cancer?

Consider this:

Sophisticated Care With millions of dollars recently invested in the facility, West Hills offers the newest advances in state-of-the-art care. The physicians of Cancer Care at West Hills are all board certified (or board eligible) in their field and have trained at some of the area's, and the nation's, premier institutions. From image-guided needle biopsies to laparoscopic approachces to microsurgical reconstructions, they bring the skills of those institutions right here to the program at Wset Hills.

Accessible Despite the proximity of major cancer centers, West Hills Hospital treats more residents of our service area than any other facility!* The components of cancer care may require you to rearrange your daily schedule from time-to-time,and it's a benfit to be able to access the care you need right in your own neighborhood.

Connected The physicians of Cancer Care at West Hills are a multidisciplinary team dedicated to your care and to communicating with you about your treatment plan.

* According to National Research Corporation data, 2009, for responders living in the West Hills primary service area zip code.

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