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Tell us you're on your way to our ER and we'll be preparing for your visit!

iNotify on iPhone


Tell Us You're on Your Way to Our ER with iNotify

iNotify — it’s a new Emergency Room notification app from iTriage® for mobile or web. Use iNotify to let West Hills ER staff know in advance that you are on your way to our hospital. Our staff will be preparing for your arrival.

iTriage® is available as a free download from app stores for iPhone® and Android™ devices, and is accessible from any Internet-enabled device at

Once inside the iTriage® app, and in the West Hills area, you can:

  • Choose "Facilities"
  • Select "Emergency Departments"
  • Click the orange "iNotify" button and you have the option to complete the form prior to your ER visit with us

We'll be preparing for your visit!

Don't have a smartphone? Use iTriage® Symptom Checker on your tablet, PC or Mac.