Cardiac Rehabilitation

This program is located at 7320 Woodlake Ave., Suite 140.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This is a medically supervised inpatient and outpatient program designed to:

  • Increase exercise tolerance and improve overall cardiovascular conditioning
  • Decrease anxiety and enhance self-confidence
  • Make lifestyle changes which help control cardiac risk factors (obesity, high blood cholesterol, smoking, stress and lack of cardiovascular exercise)
  • Gain the confidence and sense of security needed to resume normal activities
  • Program is under the direction of a cardiologist, immediately supervised by cardiac nurses and licensed physical therapists
  • Complete education/assessment by all relevant disciplines
  • Individually designed program of therapeutic exercise, functional activities, stress management and group activities
  • Patient education regarding living with heart disease, energy conservation, home exercises, smoking cessation, diet
  • Information on available community resources, i.e., support groups, pool programs, exercise groups, American Heart Association activities, etc
  • Follow-up by staff to insure compliance and successful outcome
  • Phase I is the acute hospital phase which implements education from a multi-disciplinary team and closely monitored exercise by licensed physical therapy staff
  • Phase II is an outpatient monitored exercise program supervised by ACLS staff and is covered by most insurance
  • Phase III is a supervised unmonitored maintenance program that functions as a gym/support group for recovered patients

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