Cancer Physician Team

Cancer Physician Team

The physicians of Cancer Care at West Hills are a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to your care and to communication with you and your other physicians about your treatment plan.

Each panel physician has committed to the following:

  • See patients referred from Cancer Care at West Hills physicians within two business days of the request
  • Attend regular meetings with other specialists to discuss the best options for patients diagnosed with cancer and be willing to present their own patients for feedback
  • Maintain an office within 2 miles of the West Hills Hosptal Campus

Surgical Oncology
This specialty manages the surgical aspect of cancer, such as tumor removal and some types of biopsy and includes physicians who may be board certified in Surgical Oncology or General Surgery.

Frank C. Candela, MD

David Z. Schreier, MD

Medical Oncology
This specialty manages the non-surgical aspect of cancer, such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

Shahryar Ashouri, MD

Michael S. Benjamin, MD

Melissa J. Cohen, MD

Mark L. Goldstein, MD

Christopher Ho, MD

Askan Lashkari, MD

Akil Merchant, MD

Stanley H. Rossman, MD

Omid S. Shaye, MD

Bruce H Zietz, MD

Radiation Oncology
This specialty manages the treatment of cancer through external and internal radiation using state-of-the-art equipment.

Sumita Bhatia, MD

Marc I Botnick, MD

Bernard S. Lewinsky, MD

Randall A. Scharlach, MD

Robert P. Zimmerman, MD

Interventional Radiology
This specialty uses image-guided technology to see inside the body and provide advanced diagnostics and treatment.

Richard Alberts, MD

Site-Specific Specialists


Michael Albertson, MD

Calin S. Arimie, MD

Cyrus Badii, MD

Ron Chitayat, MD

Saleem A Desai, MD

Niloufar Guiv, MD

Paul O Gulsrud, MD

Stephen L Herr, MD

Gustavo A Machicado, MD

Jonathan S. Matthew, MD

Vikas Pabby, MD

Gerald S Rothman, MD

Rima Shaposhnikov, MD

Gilbert Simoni, MD


Michael Schneier, MD

Amir A Vokshoor, MD

Head & Neck Surgery

Shervin Aminpour, MD

Alen N. Cohen, MD

Jerome D. Vener, MD

Plastic Surgery & Reconstruction

Saul R Berger, MD

Leilie Javan, MD

Giliel S. Kryger, MD

Zol B. Kryger, MD

Warren M Lent, MD

Kenneth Leong, MD

Genevieve A. Macdonald, MD

Suzanne A Trott, MD

Zareh H Vartivarian, MD


Gary C. Bellman, MD

Ganesh L Devendra, MD

Eugene Dula, MD

Richard G Leff, MD

Jennifer L. Mehdizadeh, MD

Muni N Reddy, MD

Michael H. Safir, MD

Richard A. Shapiro, MD

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