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Burn Center Founder

Dr. A. Richard Grossman is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon and pioneer in the comprehensive treatment of burn wounds. A graduate of Emory University and The University of Tennessee Medical School, his post graduate training spanned eight years at Cook County Hospital, where he became board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery.

In 1958, while serving as an emergency room resident at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Grossman treated victims of a catastrophic fire at Our Lady of Angels parochial elementary school, which claimed the lives of 93 children and four nuns.

Dr. A. Richard GrossmanThe experience had a profound effect on Dr. Grossman and was a driving force behind his vision to create a world class comprehensive burn treatment facility dedicated to providing the best burn care anywhere, whose philosophy would be to not just ensure survival, but to restore patients to as close to their pre-injury condition as possible-functionally, emotionally and cosmetically.

Dr. Grossman moved to Los Angeles and set about to achieve that vision. In 1969, he convinced Sherman Oaks Community Hospital to devout two beds exclusively to burn care. By 1978, the burn center had expanded into a free-standing, 30 bed specialty unit that today remains one of the largest and most comprehensive burn centers in the world.

Dr. Grossman served as the President of the Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons for eight years and is a member of many honorary societies (listed in his curriculum vitae). He has authored or co-authored over 35 articles in medical journals, and written or contributed to six text books.