Patients & Visitors

Message from Our CEO

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for visiting our web site. Our web site is another example of how we use technology to touch the lives of others. Please take a moment to explore the many resources available on the web site. In addition to the wealth of information about different medical conditions in our Health Library, you will learn about West Hills Hospital specific services.

At West Hills, advances in technology can be seen through a wide range of minimally invasive surgical procedures currently being performed by West Hills Hospital physicians. These techniques avoid a large incision and as a result, patients experience less postoperative pain, heal faster and return to work and activities of everyday living in a timely fashion.

New technology also plays a key role in our commitment to patient safety. As part of our patient safety initiative, each patient admitted to the hospital now receives a bar-coded wristband designed to help the nursing staff and physicians match medication to each patient’s unique needs.

We are your community hospital, familiar to you and your family for more than four decades. Along with that, we have the capability and expertise to perform emergency open heart procedures, care for babies as small as 1 to 2 pounds, perform brain and spine surgery and provide many other services you might think are found only at a university hospital "over the hill."

We are your community resource for better health.

Best wishes,

Douglas Long
President & Chief Executive Officer
West Hills Hospital & Medical Center